Mandala Monday

We all need to chill out sometimes. It’s an undisputed truth–and in today’s hyper-active world, it’s now more important than ever to find a sustainable balance between work and play.

One outlet that has proven particularly helpful is the act of coloring! Coloring books for adults have popped up everywhere, and studies have shown that coloring can reduce feelings of anxiety and introduce mindfulness into your day.

For some of us, even just a book full of illustrations waiting to be colored can present something of a challenge, which is why today I have just one page for you to focus on: a unique mandala custom-drawn for Wellness Plus and everyone who supports us. Click here to download a printable pdf!

Mandalas have long been recognized as motifs representing the human experience. Originally mandalas were made as religious works by practitioners of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as Jainism and Shintoism, but via cultural exchange, in America the word “mandala” simply refers to an intricate circular designer comprised of a repeating pattern. Psychologist Carl Jung’s research into mandalas suggested that the act of making a mandala can reflect the maker’s psychological state, and I’d argue that the same can be said for coloring one!

I invite you to color this mandala however you’d like, with whatever media you would most enjoy–be that markers, colored pencils, watercolors, or whatever else suits your fancy! This activity is all about you. So often we forget to give ourselves time to let our minds rest, and as a result we miss out on valuable moments of self-reflection or self-care. The only thing we are guaranteed in life is ownership of our own selves, and that means that the time you take to take care of yourself is never wasted.

Happy coloring!

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