Mandala Monday

We all need to chill out sometimes. It’s an undisputed truth–and in today’s hyper-active world, it’s now more important than ever to find a sustainable balance between work and play.

Essential Oil Encyclopedia: Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil is derived from the bergamot orange, a fruit endemic to the Calabria region of Italy. You may already be familiar with its citrusy flavor–it is most notably used in Earl Grey tea! However, this isn’t the only place that bergamot can be found. In fact, bergamot is probably already a part of your everyday life. It is a common ingredient in perfumes, food and drink, and even medicinal products.

Quick Healthy Kitchen: Berries Fridge Oats

Refrigerator oatmeal has been one of my favorite quick breakfast meals to make! I was looking up recipes that were easy to make for breakfast and could also be on-the-go. I found one recipe that turned out delicious & was easy to make!

Quick Healthy Kitchen: Pita Pizza

Who says pizza can’t be healthy? You can still enjoy your favorite weekend dish by making it with ingredients you love. Enjoy this fast & easy recipe for making a delicious pizza at home!