Day 10: Shoulders

Day 10 is all about building those shoulder muscles, which are essential for most yoga poses from down dog to sun salutes.

Day 9: Foam Rolling

Day 9 teaches you how to incorporate foam rolling into your practice

Day 8: Warriors & Twists

Day 8 picks up the pace a little bit and helps you link breath with movement. This flow is a little faster than the others and will definitely help with weight loss

Day 7: Core Strength

Having a strong core is more than just having a bikini body. Those core muscles are essential for yoga and can really make a difference when it comes to the more difficult poses

Day 4: Balance

Balance plays a huge role in yoga, whether you’re still a beginner or you’re moving on to more advanced poses, you’ll need to strengthen those muscles and learn to balance correctly to really boost your practice

Day 5: Deep Hip

Day 5 is all about opening those hips! These safe and effective stretches should be done daily to really open up those muscles. These stretches are great for helping you achieve your splits and generally helping boost your yoga practice

Day 1: Core & Spine

Day 1 addresses core strength & spinal stability, 2 things that are the foundation for you to feel confident in any yoga practice or any athletic activity at all. If you don’t have core strength or your spine doesn’t feel stable you’re going to feel wonky on your mat.

Day 3: Thighs, Glutes, Balance

In this video you will learn to use yoga to target your inner thighs, your hips and really structure a nice pelvic region where you can have a lot of balance and stability

Day 6: Restorative Yin

Day 6 takes it down a couple of levels to a more relaxed and calm meditation and restorative flow

Day 2: Sun Salutes

Sun salutes are essential to any yoga flow, and it’s important to feel confident in them to maximize the benefits of your practice